Holding EP

by Rachel Stevener

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released March 8, 2011


all rights reserved



Rachel Stevener Durham, North Carolina

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Track Name: Holding
By Rachel Stevener

I do not know which way to turn
The right, the left seem equal roads
The answer cloaked in mystery
Makes it hard to trust in things unseen

But the hills keep rolling
And the wind keeps blowing
And you keep holding me tight

The high hour seems far away
I can’t move myself to try again
Then you tell me trying’s not the key
No wonder I am weeping


I dreamt about your loving arms
Soothing all my careless scars
I wake up to a brighter dawn
And realize my longings point me home

Track Name: Lose Your Love
Lose Your Love
By Rachel Stevener

Like a lighthouse on the watch for stranded ships
You rescue me from drowning in my head
You draw out words from my silent hesitations
You know my thoughts even when they go unsaid

But when I wear ugly faces and I hurt you
And when the newness of our love has come and gone
You remind me that this is something we can work through
And there’s nothing I can do to lose your love.

Like a train track in the middle of an ocean
Your kind of love is impossible to find
You say you’d trade every woman for my favor
All the things you say make me feel so alive

Cause when I am with you the world gets smaller
Still I know that we will fight and we’ll shove
But you remind me that this is something we can work through
And there’s nothing I can do to lose your love.

Pour the water, baby, I am washed away in you
Pour the water, baby, I’m sinking into you
Pour the water, I can feel it in my bones
That there is nothing I can do to lose your love
Track Name: Inside Out
By Rachel Stevener

I asked the sky for sun today
But the sky decided rain
Was the better way to make things grow
I know the promises you’ve kept
But knowing me I’ll soon forget
The way you work for good not happiness

I’ve been fighting in the sand
Tripping over all my plans

I’m reading in the dark
Mislabeling the parts
Undone by things I can’t change
Misguided from the start
I need a brand new heart
I’m wounded from the inside out

I stake my claim on all I need
And set you up for hide and seek
And if you prove too difficult to find
I’ll look for someone who is not
A giver who will give a lot
Of exactly what I’m craving

Give me just another day
To try to prove I’m more than clay


I love you so well in my dreams
Reality’s a poor mans scheme

Track Name: The Trees
The Trees
By Rachel Stevener

Waking up, you feel the bowling ball on your chest
Even eight hours won’t give you rest
And you feel a little helpless today
Walking out to face the world with sullen eyes
The heaviness gets pushed aside
Because the giants in your life tell you they deserve to be first in line

What you get ain’t what you want,
What you want ain’t what you need
Don’t you wish they were the same, three in one, baby?
You’re shooting arrows in the dark
Hoping that you’ll hit the mark
Can’t you stop and see the forest for the trees

Take a breath; let time make friends with your heavy heart
And feel the pieces fall a part, But in a good way
Come on in, inside this tent where we all wait
The one who saves won’t hesitate
But sometimes the waiting weighs us down and we forget that we’re refined when


You left the small things in a pile by your back door,
Maybe you should come in that way a little more

Whatcha get ain’t what you want
What you want ain’t what you need
Don’t you wish they were the same, Cause one day…

You’ll get exactly what you want
You’ll want exactly what you need
In the end they’ll be the same, three in one, baby
The shooting arrows will be still
Your emptiness will find its fill
When you fall asleep, you’ll finally see the trees

Finally see the trees
You’ll finally see the trees.